Digital Dance Hall is a social video platform for internet dance parties

Experience design for nightclubs and dance parties has always been propelled by new technologies and mediums, but in the wake of a global pandemic, we're seeing a lot more efforts to create meaningful party experiences online.

Digital Dance Hall is a platform for an underground dance music community which is underserved by existing digital products and tools. Its design takes into consideration the needs and roles of DJs, lighting designers, promoters, and party-goers; its features adapt rituals and behaviors from physical dance spaces into digital UX patterns.

We hope that parties facilitated by Digital Dance Hall can serve some of the functions of their physical counterparts, as places for community building, presentation of forward-thinking music culture, and the creation of new performative versions of our self identities.


  • Self-hosted parties (audio streamed over WebRTC) or embedded livestreams (Twitch, Livestream, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Anonymous login
  • Flexible video layout (keep track of your friends easily)
  • Public chat room (images, gifs, emojis...)
  • Private chat (request / block system)
  • Cameras always enabled (to prevent lurking)
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Dancer spotlight


Interested in using Digital Dance Hall? Shoot us a DM on Twitter @digidancehall.